KVH Products

TracVision TV1

Advanced Functionality and Superior Performance in an Ultra-compact Antenna

With a 32 cm (12.5 inch) antenna, the TracVision® TV1 allows crews to enjoy live TV programming from DIRECTV®, DISH Network®, Bell TV, and select linear Ku-band regional services worldwide. The DVB-S2 compatible TracVision TV1 maritime satellite TV system packs big performance into its extremely compact antenna design.

TracVision TV3

Give your crew the television entertainment that boosts morale with the award-winning TracVision® TV3, the 37 cm (14.5 inch) stabilized satellite TV antenna from KVH. Advanced inertial-based stabilized search enables fast satellite acquisition so there is no waiting time for the crew to start watching their favorite programs, even in rough seas.

TracVision TV5

With KVH’s exclusive RingFire™ technology, the 45 cm (18-inch) TracVision® TV5 satellite TV antenna provides 30% greater reception than comparably sized systems, as well as stronger signals and wider geographic coverage. The DVB-S2 compatible system enables crew to enjoy the live TV programming they desire, regardless of sea state. TV5’s Linear Universal Quad LNB configuration offers optional built-in GPS and autoskew.

TracVision TV8

Keep your crew entertained with KVH’s 81 cm (32 inch) diameter TracVision® TV8 commercial satellite TV antenna system. This rugged system equips commercial vessels with high-performance tracking and excellent reception for popular Ku-band HDTV and standard-definition satellite TV programming around the globe. Whether your vessel is in port or underway to its next destination in rough seas, the TracVision TV8 will bring the crew hundreds of channels of uninterrupted, crystal-clear entertainment.

TracVision TV10

Deliver breaking news, live sports and the best entertainment to your crew with a premium LIVE television experience, thanks to the powerful high-gain TracVision TV10. Featuring advanced stability tracking and extended coverage, the TracVision TV10 provides hundreds of crystal-clear HD and SD channels to commercial vessels worldwide. With the TracVision TV10, your crew will enjoy the most reliable satellite TV coverage from regional services throughout the world.

TracVision UHD7

Crews aboard commercial ships can enjoy an at-home HD and 4K DIRECTV® entertainment experience at sea, like never before, thanks to KVH’s rugged TracVision® UHD7 commercial maritime satellite TV antenna system. The TracVision UHD7’s innovative antenna design brings HD and 4K programming from DIRECTV® onboard using KVH’s patented TriAD™ technology, which simultaneously receives broadcasts from three Ku- and Ka- band DIRECTV satellites. The TracVision UHD7 is also equipped with a built-in DISH Pro Module, allowing complete compatibility with DISH Network.

TracVision HD11

Keep your crew entertained and reduce your operational challenges by bringing the KVH TracVision® HD11 onboard. The ultimate 1-meter satellite TV antenna solution, the TracVision HD11 features patented TriAD™technology for simultaneous reception of DIRECTV® Ka- and Ku-band broadcasts for HDTV as well as a global LNB so crews can stay entertained via regional satellite TV services worldwide.